The Web is making sweet music with Google’s latest doodle, a Web-based playable Moog synthesizer. The new doodle is in honor of Robert Moog, a music pioneer responsible for the modern electronic synthesizer. Moog, who died in 2005, was born May 23, 1934, and would have turned 78 this year. Moog’s creation influenced the work of countless recording artists including the Beatles, Doors, and Stevie Wonder.

You can use Google’s Web-based synthesizer to record and share your own Moog-style musical creations. The synthesizer is fully functional including the oscillator, filter and envelope controls, and even supports multi-track recording. You can share your creations directly to Google+ or grab a Google short URL to share it pretty much anywhere online.

Here’s some of the Google Doodle Moog hits to appear online:

MGMT, Kids:

Daft Punk, Aerodynamic (guitar solo):

Deep Purple, Smoke on the water:

John Williams, Imperial March from Star Wars:

Ah-ha, Take on Me:

Europe, Final Countdown:

Howard Shore, Concerning Hobbits from The Lord of the Rings:

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