Google isn't just a great search engine you know, it's also loaded with jokes, secret functionality and cunning tweaks. Here are Google's 17 best Easter eggs.

Buried deep in Google

Want to know how Google maintains a sense of humour in the cut-throat world of the web? Here's how: the main Google website and many of Google's software programs are chock full of lovely, gags, goofs and Easter eggs.

Of course, Google always has a good idea. Thousands of our readers have enjoyed past explorations of wonders like "The 16 best starscapes in Google Sky".

So when we heard stories of hidden teddy bears, a Google Romance beta service, and early morning appearances of the Loch Ness monster on Google home pages, we had to check them out. And most of them turned out to be true. Take a look.

Google Feature 1

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  1. Buried deep in Google
  2. Google's official Easter Egg game
  3. Google's 3am girls, boys and monsters
  4. Spam by the kilogram
  5. Google searches in Klingon or Fudd
  6. Google Gulp for smarter searching
  7. Come fly with me (across Google Earth)
  8. It all adds up with Google Calculator
  9. Google gets romantic
  10. Unsanctioned Googles: Goth y Loco
  11. Google Street Views credits
  12. Picasa's mysterious bear(s)
  13. Psychic Google
  14. The many faces of Pegman
  15. Classic Google Maps Easter egg
  16. Free broadband Wi-Fi goes to pot
  17. Spam for school dinner again
  18. The GoogleTV Beta that never was
  19. PC Advisor's Google news spotlight