Google has announced it is allowing businesses to index new web pages and updates to make them searchable immediately in Google Site Search.

The upgrade would be useful for marketing departments that want to ensure news is made available through Google Site Search as soon as possible.

Also, sales managers at e-commerce sites who want pages with new products or temporary sales promotions readily viewable might find the hosted service useful, said Google's lead product manager for enterprise search, Nitin Mangtani.

On-demand indexing only ensures that searches done through the Google search box on the customer's website are up-to-date as possible, said Mangtani. It does not impact the search indexes used by Google, he said.

That is in order to maintain a "church and state"-like separation between Google's paid offering and its market-leading consumer search engine, so the company cannot be accused of offering search engine optimisation (SEO) services to paying customers, he said.

For similar reasons, on-demand indexing would not affect whether or not a website page is accidentally re-indexed as new by's crawler. In September, a six-year-old news story about United Airlines was mistaken for breaking news by Google's engine, causing many investors to sell off the airline's stock.

Mangtani said that webmasters with this or SEO problems should consult documentation put out by Google.

Similarly, webmasters can submit their site maps to GoogleSite Search to ensure that all web pages are indexed and searchable via the Google search boxes on their web sites. Google introduced this ability in June. Those pages are not added to the main Google search index, Mangtani said.

Google says it has thousands of users for Google Site Search. It also sells two server appliances, the Google Mini and the higher-end Google Search Appliance that users install on-premises and connect to their web or intranet servers.

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