Stefan Magdalinski, the CEO of Mocality, in an update on his blog has indicated that the company is currently not considering filing formal charges against Google. Mocality, a Kenyan Business Listing Directory, broke into international limelight after the company found that callers from Google were promising Mocality clients free websites through a non-existent partnership and without Mocality's knowledge. The data scraping allegations have embarrassed the search giant with senior executives in the company admitting wrong doing and publicly apologizing to Mocality.

Stefan, in an update to the now popular "Google, What were you thinking?" also acknowledged having received several personal apologies from Joe Mucheru, Google's Regional Lead for Sub Saharan Africa. This is in addition to a public apology issued by Nelson Mattos, Google Vice-President for Product and Engineering, Europe and Emerging Markets.

The Mocality CEO says the real test in Google's response is ensuring that the same does not happen to another start up. Stefan also says that the issue appears to have been caused by a Google partner, saying "Apparently, the calls were made by a 3rd party vendor. I can see how this was the case for the activity we saw in Kenya, but the Indian activity seemed to come from Google's own network."

Google however denied outsourcing Getting Kenya Businesses Online (GKBO).

However, several individuals online still insist that they received calls by individuals who appeared to be working for Google's partners.

Iridium Interactive, a firm mentioned as Google's partner issued an official statement denying having been a partner in GKBO, "In the context of the latest conversations regarding the Scraping & Calling operations done on Mocality's databse by Google, Iridium Interactive officially & categorically denies any involvement in these operations. Any allegations/ rumors indicating our involvement are baseless, false and grossly misinterpreted."

Meanwhile, a Hitler Meme in which Hitler is "mortified to learn that Google was caught stealing Mocality's data" has appeared on YouTube. The meme is based on a scene from a movie titled "Downfall" and is captioned over the movie's original scene to show Hitler reacting to modern day issues. You can watch the video here, which however appears to go overboard at times.