The 1500 web application developers attending Thursday's Google Developer Day in San Jose got a surprise 'thank you' from Google co-founder Sergey Brin at the close of the conference's opening session.

"We've reached a key point in the evolution of the internet," Brin said, claiming that all systems eventually create themselves. "There's one key point that's missing," he said. "There's still a person involved. You really need to get the person out of the loop. And that's why we brought all of you here today."

No, Brin wasn't suggesting anything untoward. Rather it was his backhanded way of thanking the developers in attendance for all their creativity and hard work in extending Google products and services.

"The internet isn't good enough to do all the wonderful things that you do," he said. Noting that the internet wouldn't be useful unless there was something to search, Brin closed by saying: "It's all the people who create the services and products out there that make the (search) tools useful."