Google has launched Account Activity, a feature which gives monthly reports about your usage across different Google services.

The aim is to give the user more transparency and control of their account with detailed statistics for different areas including Gmail and YouTube. A monthly report will be emailed with data on things like web searches, email and account sign in.

Andreas Tuerk, product manager at Google said: "For example, my most recent Account Activity report told me that I sent 5 percent more email than the previous month and received 3 percent more. An Italian hotel was my top Gmail contact for the month. I conducted 12 percent more Google searches than in the previous month, and my top queries reflected the vacation I was planning: [rome] and [hotel]."

The advantage is an increased insight into how you use your Google account and the internet. It also has security benefits such as noticing log-ins to your account from locations you have not been to. This means you can change your password and sign up for Google's two-step verification if you haven't done so.

Account Activity is in Beta so Google is welcome to feedback and is planning on adding more of its services to the reports. Google said: "we hope this feature helps you better understand and manage your information on Google."

Google Account Activity