Google is encouraging Gmail users to dump Microsoft's Internet Explorer for its own Chrome browser or Mozilla's Firefox.

When users of IE6 reach, a 'Get faster Gmail' message appears in the webmail service's menu bar. The message, in turn, links to a page on Google's website that touts Chrome and Firefox 3 as being "twice as fast" at running Gmail.

Last week, the Gmail site also displayed the message to users browsing with Microsoft's IE7, but Google has since discarded that version of the notice. Users running other browsers, including Apple's Safari and Opera Software's namesake browser, haven't been shown the speed-up message.

Google Chrome review

Google currently lists IE7, Firefox 2.0 and later releases, Chrome and Safari as the only supported browsers for Gmail. Others, including Opera and older editions of IE, Firefox and Safari, can be used to access the email service but aren't able to handle some of its features.

More than 21 percent of users who browsed the internet last month ran IE6, according to web metrics company Net Applications. IE7, meanwhile, accounted for about 48 percent of the browser market during November, with Firefox 3 in third place with nearly 16 percent.

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