If you're tired of jumping away from your Gmail inbox every time you click a link to a Flickr page, YouTube video, or even just a Web page, check out iFramely.

This Chrome extension embeds Web content right inside your Gmail email messages so you can view it without having to open a new tab or click away from Gmail proper.

iFramely works this bit of embed magic for over 900 services, everything from 500px and Flickr to Twitter and YouTube. (It wisely ignores links from "marketing bots.") It can also pull content from everyday Web sites, like, say, PC World.

In other words, if someone sends you a link to a particularly awesome Hassle-Free PC post, you'll see a shaded box at the bottom of the email. Click Read to see just the text of the linked story.

If it's a photo or video, on the other hand, just scroll down and you'll see it embedded in the message. And you can play videos right there. (Thankfully, they don't autoplay.)

The extension works with outgoing email, too, automatically embedding images from links you paste into your own messages.

If you're a Gmail user who lives in Chrome, you'll definitely want to give iFramely a try. It's one of the handier extensions I've seen yet.

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