Following a three-month trial, Friction TV has launched to the public. Like Google's YouTube, Friction TV is a video-sharing site, but Friction TV focuses on freedom of speech and provides a largely uncensored online speakers’ corner.

Friction TV can upload clips of themselves commenting on topics as controversial as they wish.

The site gained popularity quickly, clocking up 250,000 unique visitors and over two million page impressions during the three-month trial stage. On average visitors to Friction TV were found to be viewing eight videos per session.

Unlike YouTube, the site revolves around viewers voicing opinion. Other visitors to Friction TV can then log in and debate about the content by posting a comment or upload their own video response.

Andy West, Friction TV chief marketing officer, said, “The response has been fantastic with viewers clearly welcoming the opportunity to voice opinions in an uncensored, easy accessible way.

“Our aim now is to encourage as many people as possible to have their say on issues they are passionate about. We firmly believe that our video-debating format will prove extremely popular with students, adults and senior citizens alike, because ultimately everyone has an opinion and most of us want to share it!”

Friction TV is largely uncensored and is viewer moderated only if legal boundaries are crossed or inappropriate content is uploaded.

Organisations and public figures that have already featured on the site include Conservative MP and former Spectator editor Boris Johnson, the Transform Drug Policy Foundation and CND UK. The unedited site was also recently used by a UKIP MEP to challenge the ‘Stranger into Citizens’ campaign which aims to naturalise illegal immigrants who are already working in Britain.

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