A fake Facebook page which is designed to steal social networkers login details has been uncovered by PandaLabs.

According to the security firm, the web page looks very similar to the real Facebook and when web users try to log-in to their account, they will be presented with an error page.

However, the information they did attempt to enter will go straight into the hands of the hackers.

The page web users would see after inputting their details into the hoax Facebook site

"This fraudulent URL is probably being spread around through emails and through BlackHat SEO techniques," said Luis Corrons, technical director of PandaLabs.

"In any event, once cyber-crooks have the user's details, they can take any action from the account including publishing spam comments with malicious links, sending messages to contacts, etc."

PandaLabs urged web users not to reply or follow links form unsolicited emails and always check the URL before entering data to ensure it is legitimate.

The security firm also said that social networkers that are concerned they may have entered their details onto the hoax page should change their passwords immediately.

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