Earlier this week we reported that social network Facebook had overtaken Google in visits for the first time, at least in the US.

Is Facebook going to overtake Google in the UK? No, says Robin Goad, Research Director of web metrics analysts Hitwise - and it isn't likely to do so in the foreseeable future, either.

Hitwise data shows that Facebook is the second most visited website in the UK, but Google.co.uk remains ahead of it.

Last week Google.co.uk picked up 9.34 percent of UK Internet visits, while Facebook accounted for 6.01 percent.

In the US, the respective figures were 7.03 percent (for Google.com) and 7.07 percent.

Facebook vs Google UK traffic chart

Goad says that there are two main reasons why Facebook hasn't yet caught up with Google in the UK.

"Facebook has a very similar share of the social networking markets in both the UK and US (51.9 percent and 51.3 percent respectively last week), but social networking is slighty more popular in the US, so Facebook's share of all Internet visits is higher in there," says Goad.

"Google has a larger share of search market in the UK (over 90 percent) than in the US (just over 70 percent), and search engines as a category are also more popular on this side of the Atlantic," he added.

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