Facebook users that haven't yet swapped to the new-look social networking site don't have long left to enjoy the traditional layout.

According to a message on social networking site that greet those still using the old layout, Facebook will soon be completely switching over to its new design.

Facebook began rolling-out the new design to its 80 million members in July this year and claimed the new look would make the site's activity feed features more prominent and easier to use. As well as a sporting a cleaner, less cluttered design, the new-look site has a separate section for applications, which can be accessed via a tab at the top of the page. This ensures anyone viewing a profile will not have to scroll down through huge numbers of application boxes to catch up on their friend's activity.

However, Facebook has not yet confirmed when the old-look site will be completely removed and whether those reluctant to swap will be automatically migrated to the new site.

Social networkers using the old-style Facebook are being urged to migrate over to the new-look site