Facebook has topped the list of Android apps that drain your mobile phone's performance, according to AVG's App Performance Rank.

During the last 6 months, AVG measured the performance of some of the most popular apps in Australia and ranked them.

The results found Facebook, Instagram, ChatON, Samsung WatchON, Candy Crush Saga to be, overall, the top five most performance draining apps.

While Google Play Service, Tango Messenger, Amazon Kindle, WeChat and Groupon Daily Deals Coupons rounded out the top ten.

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The rank is calculated by battery, storage and network traffic, that were normalised by calculating the percentile based on the apps' median values.

The report found Samsung WatchON to be the worst in terms of draining battery, while Tango Messenger took out the storage hog award.

But on traffic, our old friend Facebook was top of the bunch.

AVG chief technology officer, Yuval Ben-Itzhak, said many apps were becoming more complex and rich in functionality which caused the device performance to be compromised over time.

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"Smartphones and tablets struggle to maintain battery life and having such performance-draining apps installed degrade the user experience," he said.

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