Facebook has joined forces with the Electoral Commission in a bid to get Brits voting.

Web users eligable to vote that log on to the social network over the weekend will be asked to confirm they have registered and will be able to to vote in the election.

If they select No, then they will be directed to a website where they can enter their details and print out a form, which must be posted to the electoral registration department of their local council, before April 20.

They will automatically be provided with the address of the department when they enter their post code into the website.

The Electoral Commission said email applications will not be accepted in a bid to prevent electoral fraud.

"If you're not registered, you can't vote - it's very simple. By downloading and printing a form through Facebook, users can now make sure that they are able to have their say on election day," said Clinton Proud from the Electoral Commission.

Richard Allan, director of policy at Facebook, said he believed many of the site's core users were not registered to vote.

"One of the strengths we have is to try and capture that group, particularly the 18-24 year-old voters, who have often not turned out to vote, and use the fact that many of the things on Facebook are familiar to them to get them engaged."

For information on how to register to vote visit the Electoral Commission's dedicated website.

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