Facebook is to launch a content-sharing button that can be embedded in websites and allow social networkers to share web content they like on their profile.

The button, which will be announced at Facebook's annual f8 conference in the US later this week, has been likened to similar buttons currently offered by micro-blogging site Twitter and Digg.

However, the social network denied claims that the button will be used to track social networker's web activities in a bid to serve targeted adverts.

"The Financial Times incorrectly suggested that Facebook is launching behavioural ad targeting at f8, our upcoming developer conference," Facebook said. "We have no announcements or changes planned to our ad offering or ad policies."

Facebook only uses information provided by social networkers on their profile, such as age or gender, to serve targeted adverts.

Facebook also revealed that it was re-wording its 'become a fan' button to 'like' in a bid to "make the language on the site more consistent".

"All the products we are launching at f8 are focused on giving developers and entrepreneurs ways to make the web more social."

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