Experian has deployed a new application performance management system to help improve the roll-out of new financial services.

The credit checking and financial information systems firm has implemented Compuware dynaTrace to help reduce time-to-market and improve the quality of new applications and services.

The technology can quickly pinpoint the source of performance issues during the early stages of development and quality assurance cycles.

"We need to deploy the latest and most advanced services for our customers as quickly as possible, and this is where the information delivered by dynaTrace offers the highest value," said Paul Hill, head of support and quality assurance at Experian.

Hill said: "By implementing dynaTrace we have the ability to dig down into application code on a granular level during the quality assurance (QA) stage, identifying the source of any performance problems picked up during load testing."

With Experian's software architects, development and testing teams based in a number of locations across different time zones, it is important that communication is as clear and as detailed as possible, said Hill.

With dynaTrace, the firm is able to identify exactly where performance issues originate and share transaction snapshots that different teams can use consistently. This helps Experian correct the root cause of any problems quickly and effectively.

Earlier this year Compuware launched a free online cloud service that helps website owners compare the speed of their website's performance against leading competitor sites.