The EU has set out to prove its worth with a 44-second online film featuring the sweaty sex-love of no fewer than 18 couples. The EU film - entitled 'Film Lovers Will Love This' was released on the European Commission's YouTube channel last week.

Viewed at least 250,000 times already, the EU film is intended to promote, er, European togetherness. Indeed, it (ahem) climaxes with the slogan "Let's come together". And I for one now have a whole different view of my brothers and sisters in Brussels. Clearly there is a purpose to those all-night meetings.

Be PC Advisor's guest: watch 18 people making sweet, sweet love here (it's not that rude)

Strangely, this potent mix of steamy coupling - both heterosexual and homosexual - has, in fact, served only to expose the diversity of European attitudes to the beast with two (or more) backs.

The UK Independence Party, for instance, look like a group who know how to have a good time. But no, the Euro and now Kilroy sceptics described the film as "cheap, tawdry and tacky".

Speaking to The Sun, a spokesman said: "Brussels has been screwing the UK for at least 30 years." Quite.

And sadly (but predictably) the film's inclusion of homosexual play has raised the hackles of some commentators. It's impossible to say whether these people have anything to hide (but there's no smoke without fire, eh?).

European Commission spokesman Martin Selmayr hit back at the "quasi-religious bashing of the very important cultural diversity we have in the EU".

He said: "The EU is not a bible belt. We believe in freedom of speech and artistic expression."

So there you have it. Want to prove to the world that your organisation is valid and vital? Make a silly soft-porn film and watch the reactionaries foam. At the mouth, obviously.