Brits are being urged to back-up their digital music files after revealed that just three out of the UK's ten most popular insurance companies cover digital content.

According to research by the comparison website, on average Brits have around £1,200 worth of paid-for music and movie downloads on their PC. Four percent have more than £5,000 worth of content stored on home computers.

Are you digital downloads covered by your insurance policy?

"Whether it's Beyonce or The Beatles, people don't associate the same value to an MP3 player full of music as they do to a wall full of CDs or vinyl, but it is just as - if not more - valuable in terms of money, so people need to ensure they are appropriately insured," said Julie Owens, head of home insurance at

"Should you lose your downloaded content, some insurers will advise you to contact the site you purchased it from, however, the seller won't always agree to let you re-download your purchase so you need to check your policy covers this type of content. advises web users to check their policy and either consider cover from a specialist digital content provider, such as Hiscox, or ensure you back-up your files on a regular basis.

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