Datacom claims it is the first company in New Zealand and possibly the first in Australasia to go live with VMware's vCloud service, which allows customers to move services, applications and data between in-house cloud infrastructure and Datacom's datacentres.

"It makes the process highly automated," says Datacom's Auckland director of IT management, Scott Green. "Otherwise, it is quite a manual process.

"It gives customers the ability to create a hybrid mix and easily share things in a simplified way."

Green says a lot of organisations have a mental block about such things as knowing they have a directory infrastructure on their own network, then getting confused with the cloud.

vCloud is designed to allow such organisations to manage legacy in-house infrastructure and cloud infrastructure without any time and cost penalty imposed by manually moving data between the two.

"Before now, creating a private cloud out of internal, virtual infrastructure resources and then connecting it to a public cloud for additional resources has not been practically possible," Green says. "vCloud provides the missing pieces required to connect resources across private and public infrastructure and manage them through a single interface.

"Customers can continue to exploit their current investment in infrastructure while connecting to the public cloud.

"We've now got more than 1petabyte and more than 1000 servers under storage and management in our infrastructure," says Green.

VMware New Zealand general manager Tim Dacombe-Bird says Datacom has been accredited as a premier-level VMware service provider program partner and a premier-level solution provider partner.