48% of e-commerce/online retail businesses lost some type of finance-related information to cybercriminal activities within a 12 month period.

A Kaspersky Lab survey of IT professionals worldwide also indicates that 41% of financial services organizations lost such information during the same period.

Despite these threats, this market segment is the least likely to deploy and update specialized anti-fraud measures to protect financial transactions.

64% of financial services providers and 53% of the e-commerce/online retail segment said they "make every effort to keep anti-fraud measures up to date."

46% of the e-commerce/online retail segment and 52% of the financial services segment want to implement new technologies to protect financial transactions.

Implementing additional protections

88% of financial services organizations and 78% of e-commerce/online retailers "provide secure connections for customer transactions."

75% of financial service providers are more focused on providing specialized solutions for mobile devices than e-commerce/online retailers (56%).

Both financial service providers and e-commerce/online retailers are not prompt about providing free or discounted versions of premium internet security software to their customers following a data breach.

In fact this is the least-common step taken by these types of providers.

71% of financial service providers and 62% of e-commerce/online retailers have adopted specialized fraud protection for endpoints following a data breach.

Kaspersky Lab advises businesses to be proactive in securing their IT networks, and secure payment systems with specialized protection.