BT is thought to be expanding the number of homes it is rolling out superfast broadband to.

According to the Financial Times, the ISP will announce this week that it will increase its fibre network to cover 66 percent of the country.

Originally BT had planned to offer the next-generation service to 40 percent of households, around 10 million homes, once the roll out was complete. This was scheduled for 2013.

However in December last year, BT revealed it was ahead of schedule on the roll out and was bringing the completion date forward to summer 2012.

The Financial Times also said it was likely the expansion, which is expected to be announced by chief executive Ian Livingstone during the company’s financial results this week, will see the plan come in over its initial budget of £1.5bn.

BT refused to comment on the report. However, the FT speculated that BT saw the expansion as a way to encourage other ISPs to rent the high-speed cables.

In March, the ISP revealed that 303 exchanges across the UK  would be given super-fast broadband connections between autumn 2010 and summer 2011.

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