Broadband internet service providers still aren't getting it right – at least that's what you tell us. Ten days after the launch of our annual broadband survey, we had a sneak peek at what survey respondents had to say about their ISP – and it seems there's plenty of room for improvement.

Price is still an issue for some, while other people are fed up of being trapped in a lengthy contract and watching others reap the rewards of switching providers and getting sweeteners for doing so. Why should loyal customers pay more for their broadband service than those who jump on a cheap deal, a number of survey respondents have asked.

Earlier this week, comparison site Top 10 Broadband reported that the average cost of a broadband subscription was significantly less than a year ago, yet comments from readers responding to our annual broadband survey suggest much has still to be done to keep them happy.

Other gripes include having to have a landline telephone in order to have an ADSL broadband connection in the first place and the difference between the advertised connection speed and the actual speed experienced.

In fact, we're encouraging readers to put this theory to the test with our web-based broadband speed checker.

While it's taken as read that people are more likely to air their views if they are unhappy than content, our broadband survey aims to provide an indepth snapshot of the state of broadband provision in the UK today.

It's not too late to take part in the survey and have your say. You've got until the end of the month to add your voice to the groundswell of opinion.

To sweeten things a little, we've lined up an impressive list of prizes including a year's subscription to BT Total Broadband and BT Vision, a half-terabyte Wiebetech external hard drive courtesy of AM Micro, plus Wi-Fi routers, speaker docks and tons of software.

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