On average Brits spend around 30 hours a week online, says uSwitch.

According to the comparison website, the average person spends five hours a day online during the week, with two hours spent working and three hours for personal reasons such as online shopping and social networking using sites like Facebook.

When it comes to weekends, uSwitch says on average Brits spend three hours online. Younger web users are by far the most addicted to the web, with those aged 18 to 24 admitting to spending around seven hours a day online.

uSwitch revealed that a quarter of web users are hooked on Facebook and social networking sites, saying the must log-in at least twice a day. Just over a third of web users admitted to access social networks while on holiday. However, only 27 percent of web users think social networking is a good thing.

Jason Glynn, communications expert at uSwitch.com, says: "This research shows the huge impact that the internet is having on British life".

"Broadband is rapidly becoming a necessity - as important to our quality of life as gas or electricity. Our reliance looks set to increase dramatically over the coming years as younger generations come to the fore, putting the Government under even more pressure to deliver universal broadband access across the whole country."

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