The average Brit has £34,350 worth of data stored on their digital devices, says McAfee.

Personal memories, in the form of digital photos and videos, were the most popular type of data found on tablet PCs, smartphones and laptops, with 89 percent admitting they store these on their digital devices. Personal communications, such as email, came second with 87 percent while 73 percent admitting to having music, movies and other entertainment files on their device. However, more than half (58 percent) said they wouldn't be able to recreate or repurchase any digital assets should any of their digital devices be stolen.

More than two in five (41 percent) admit to spending more than 20 hours each week using digital devices for personal use, with 65 percent of households owning more than three devices. Of those surveyed, 61 percent said they worry about the security and protection of their digital assets, and of those that do spend money on protecting their personal files, 87 percent believe it's well-spent

"To keep personal information, identities, and money protected throughout the New Year, it's important for consumers to secure their new devices the moment they begin to set them up," said Gary Davis, director of global consumer product marketing at McAfee.

"The good news is that it's easier and more cost-effective for families to do so. Consumers can buy one product to protect all of their devices, and easily manage them from a single dashboard. This should give users the incentive they need to get protection for their new devices from the start - and enjoy worry-free digital lives."