Public Wi-Fi network Freerunner is to offer a number of communities across the UK free wireless broadband services.

The connectivity will be provided by BE broadband, which has announced that it will be providing Freerunner with a free public WiFi service and 3G connectivity to create free internet hotspots for local communities currently without existing connections.

Freerunner said that 46 areas have won its community competition, which got around 500 entries, and will now receive free internet for a minimum of three years.

Owen Geddes, Chief Executive Officer of Freerunner, said: "We wanted to start with those most in need so we put the call out and the response was pretty overwhelming.

"It is incredible to think that a small piece of relatively low cost technology is going to fundamentally change nearly 50 communities across the UK."

The remote areas selected stretch from the Orkney Islands to southern Cornwall. The connections will be paid for by a combination of advertisements and corporate sponsorship.

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