Despite what broadband ISPs might claim in their adverts, UK broadband users are only getting an average download speed of 2.95Mbps, according to broadband comparison site The study is based on a survey of 18,558 UK broadband in January this year.

Be Broadband offered users the highest average download speed, with an average of 6.07Mbps recorded. This is partially due to Be broadband's ADSL2+ technology, which allows much greater speeds to be achieved compared to other providers that use traditional ADSL technology. The lowest average download speed recorded was 1.72Mbps for Tiscali customers.

"Current advertising campaigns like Tiscali's promise superfast broadband (download) speeds of up to 8Mbps. Yet the average actual speed achieved by Tiscali customers was a pitiful lowly 1.72Mbps. Now that is not superfast by any stretch of the imagination and is over 1Mbps lower than the UK average," said's technical director William Harvey.

Be Broadband also achieved the fastest average upload speed in the survey of 850Kbps. On average UK broadband users are receiving upload speeds of 296Kbps. Orange customers are receiving the slowest speeds at just 219Kbps, according to the study.

"Broadband providers can confuse consumers by stating maximum broadband speeds that are often only achieved by a very small percentage of subscribers. Providers should state the average download and upload speeds achieved by their broadband subscribers, this would give consumers a better idea of the sort of speeds they are likely to receive and would encourage providers to deliver better broadband products," added Harvey.

Broadband Expert's information contradicts two other surveys into broadband speeds. The ADSL Internet Performance Indicator (IPI) report from broadband benchmarking company Epitiro, which tests the speed and reliability of internet connections, saw Tiscali ranked at number four in its top five for the last two quarters of 2007.

Meanwhile in the January poll by Broadband Choices, Tiscali came fourth with customers receiving up to 40.7 percent of its promised speeds.

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