According to a study commissioned by online travel accommodation firm AsiaRooms and personal technology giant Lenovo, Asia consumers are significantly more online-savvy when it comes to making their travel accommodation bookings. Key findings of the study-incorporates input from more than 12,000 online respondents from more than 25 markets across the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Oceania-were released in a joint statement by the two companies today (Monday, June 09, 2014).

They include the following.

* 75 percent of respondents in Asia make their travel accommodation reservations online for both leisure and business trips (this figure is 10 percent higher than the global average in the AsiaRooms-Lenovo study; and, 84 percent of respondents in Singapore make their reservations online for both kinds of trips.

* 59 percent in Asia use their mobile devices when searching for travel accommodation online (13 percent higher than the global average); while the figure for Thailand is 65 percent, the highest for Asia.

* 33 percent in Asia use their mobile devices to book travel accommodation online (8 percent higher than the global average).

* 58 percent of consumers in Asia are using their mobile devices to make online purchases.

* And the top reasons respondents cited for not choosing to use their mobile device even more often are: "content is hard to see on the mobile device (40 percent)" and "the Internet connection on mobile devices is slow or unstable (35 percent)."

Executives from the two companies attribute the apparent greater online-savviness on the part of Asia consumers to the state of mobile connectivity, which they has become "increasingly important." They said that 83 percent of the respondents to their study own a mobile phone with Internet access, either through Wi-fi access and/or mobile data/subscription plan.

"Consumers are increasingly connected as well as demanding greater convenience at their fingertips and this trend is here to stay," said's APAC Head of Marketing, Clarence Lin, adding that his company is constantly evolving to better meet this demand. "We see travel and mobility as big passion points for consumers in Asia and will continue to extend our reach relevantly in the marketplace."

Also sharing his company's insights upon the release of the findings today was Terence Ng, Director, Global Ecosystem & Cloud Services, Lenovo. "With Asia seeing a boom in smartphone penetration rates, the usage of mobile devices whether for accessing the Internet, mobile commerce, online banking or entertainment, will certainly continue to influence the lifestyle habits of consumers," Ng said. "It is heartening to see consumers increasingly integrating mobile devices into the various aspects of their lives and we will continue our focus on creating the best devices and building our ecosystem to provide new experiences for consumers."