70% of Chinese and 68% of Indian consumers find it essential to have anytime, anywhere internet access.

This percentage is well above the global average (51%), according to a new study by Geometry Global based on research conducted in 12 countries across 4 continents.

On an average, Chinese consumers (5.9 per month) are more active in making online purchases as compared to global consumers (3.3 per month).

Also, consumers in China market spend more time online (4.3 hours) as compared to those in mature markets.

"Marketers looking for increased sales need to build a better awareness of the browsing and shopping habits of their target consumers and know that these will vary according to geography and product category," said Gareth Ellen, regional planning director, Asia Pacific. "For example, in many fast-growing markets, shoppers are online more often, making more online purchases, and integrating digital and physical retail more frequently than consumers in more established markets."

Digitally-savvy shopping

Consumers in China and India demonstrate a versatile and digitally-savvy shopping behaviour.

86% of internet users in China use smartphones as compared to 55% in India and 33% in Japan.

More internet users in China visit official brand sites for product information as compared to users in mature markets such as the USA, UK and France.

94% of consumers in China and 87% in India admit in-store usage of mobile/ tablet devices.

The majority of consumers in China (61%) do not visit stores in person.

"The path to purchase is complex, as people gather information and opinions in both digital and physical retail spaces," said John Goodman, CEO Geometry Global, Asia Pacific. "The connected shopper wants access to all shopping channels - but not all at once; only the right channel at the most convenient time for them."

Goodman adds that brand marketers and retailers should identify and understand the key cultural drivers and barriers in consumer purchasing behavior to survive in a dynamic shopping landscape.