About 75% of APAC marketers are strengthening their digital marketing content strategy this year, according to Adobe APAC Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard Report 2013.

Marketers' priorities are obviously shifting as only 36 percent was focusing on strengthening their digital marketing content strategy last year. 59 % are now prioritizing social media optimization as compared to 52% in 2012.

28% marketers across APAC rate themselves as 'highly evolved and a leader in their field.' 45% of marketers are focused on increasing the performance of search and online display advertising and 36% want to improve their websites.

78% of marketers in Singapore are prioritizing social optimization and 76% want to strengthen the brand's digital marketing content strategy.

"It is clear from the marketers' key priorities of social optimization and content strategy this year that Singapore audiences prefer to be engaged socially and with compelling content," said Hisamichi Kinomoto, vice president of Marketing, Adobe Japan and Asia Pacific. "While social optimization continues to be a top priority for marketers, what's interesting is that content strategy wasn't even on their radar last year."

Using marketing analytics

80 % of APAC marketers are using marketing analytics and reporting technologies to measure and test digital campaigns.

69% of Singapore (SG) marketers do measuring and testing for every campaign, and 82% use marketing analytics and reporting technologies for the same.

"The dashboard shows marketers are leveraging standard metrics, including web performance data (APAC 75% vs SG 91%), click-through rates (APAC 68% vs SG 70%), conversion (APAC 72% vs SG 64%) and acquisition or lead costs (APAC 49% vs SG 57%)," said Kinomoto.

Although marketers in APAC and Singapore are excelling in measurements, they still have to focus on important performance indicators including churn rate, customer lifetime value and market share improvements.

Also, marketers in this region have to increase their digital spend as only 14% of marketers in Asia Pacific and 17% in Singapore are spending on par with global average, which is between 25% - 35% of total marketing spend.