It's official: Sir Trevor needs to dust down his best internet suit. ITN is to launch a YouTube channel.

Well, perhaps not. ITN On will provide the content, and will concentrate on entertainment for ITN's new online channel. There'll be an average of five entertainment clips a day on YouTube, in much the same way as ITN now flogs videos to MSN, Yahoo and Virgin Mobile.

But ITN YouTubers will also get access to sport, film and Bollywood shows. There'll be a daily football news show, and a weekly global sport magazine: Sports Fix.

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"Professional content remains very popular with YouTube users and this channel will give ITN the opportunity to extend their reach, test new forms of programming, interact with users and use YouTube as a new source of revenue generation," said YouTube's Patrick Walker.

"As a leading producer of high-quality video content for online and mobile platforms ITN On sees YouTube as a key partner for making our entertainment and sports content available to end users," said Nicholas Wheeler, from ITN On.