A third of Brits admitted they regret purchasing a gadget because they didn't research it enough says Reevoo.com.

Research by the user reviews site also revealed that 19 percent of PC owners wished they had spent more time researching if a laptop was best suited to their needs, before they purchased the device.

Reevoo.com also revealed that UK shoppers waste more than £3bn a year on technology products which turn out not to be the most suited to their needs.

19% of Brits wish they'd spent more time researching laptops online before purchasing

Furthermore, 70 percent of Brits said they don't use all of the features on their gadgets as they're too complicated, while one in five admitted they found laptops the most confusing of all their gadgets.

Four in five Brits said they trusted online consumer reviews and three quarters of web users said they now spend more time researching electronic goods compared to two years ago.

"There has been a dramatic move towards consumers seeking impartial advice online when it comes to purchasing electrical goods," said Richard Anson, founder and CEO of Reevoo.com.

Anson also said that online consumer reviews "help people make the right decision first time" and will also help "save time and money".

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