Nearly nine in ten (87 percent) of UK businesses are in favour of one- or two-letter domain names, says Nominet.

The UK domain name registry announced in March it was considering making short domain names available from June 1.

However, Nominet said its Policy Advisory Body (PAB) would first complete a consultation period, allowing UK companies to comment on how the domains should be made available by filling out an online survey.

Only 13 percent of respondents in the survey were against one- and two-letter domain names.

"There are plenty of UK brands which use a valid two-letter identifier which would be legitimate use for a domain," said one respondent in the survey.

Current Nominet rules prevent the use of single-character domain names, while two-character domain names must comprise a letter and a number.

However, there are a handful of one- and two-character domain names in use in the UK, including BT which uses

These were registered prior to 1996, when Nominet took over the handling of UK domain names.

UK businesses have until June 8 to complete Nominet's online survey.

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