More than four in five (86 percent) of consumers use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs to shop online, says Brocade.

According to the manufacturer of networking equipment, 70 percent of these online shoppers will only wait a maximum of 20 seconds for a page to load before defecting to another retailer.

Just over one in ten (13 percent) admitted they'll only wait a maximum of five seconds. The research also revealed nearly one in five (19 percent) of web users said they'll spend twice as much time shopping online this Christmas compared to last year.

"Mobile commerce is nothing new, but with the advent of the tablet and continuing sales for smartphones, 2012 will bring a seismic shift in consumer demand to shop anytime, anywhere, with no decline in service quality and download speeds – placing huge pressure on service provider networks to deliver," said John McHugh, vice president and chief marketing officer at Brocade.

"While consumers are put off by slow connection speeds, our research indicates that growth of online shopping is very much dependent on the ability of retailers to provide quality services."

The research also revealed 22 percent of consumers plan to bring a tablet PC home for Christmas from the office, or will be giving one as a gift this Christmas. Furthermore, with 81 percent of consumers on holiday from work between Christmas and New Year, more than half will be streaming movies or TV shows over the web and 58 percent will be using communication tools such as Skype to contact friends and family.

"With seasonal peaks and troughs in demand, it is a challenge for providers to ensure that they are satisfying high expectations from consumers, but also not wasting capacity in low periods," he added.