More than four in five (85 percent) of Brits will email while on holiday, says Unisys.

Research comissioned by the IT solutions firm revealed we're a nation of web users that can't switch off. One in five admitted they will send emails from the aeroplane and 38 percent said they send work-related emails while in bed.

Furthermore, 26 percent claim they contact colleagues and clients during family gathering and more than one third of respondents send business emails from restaurants. However only three percent send work emails from a place of worship, such as a church.

More than half (51 percent) of firms use social networks for business purposes, while 77 percent ensure employees can access their company software and applications from smartphones.

Furthermore, 59 percent of businesses pay for employees smartphones, encouraging them to carry the handset with them, even when outside of working hours.

"As the smartphone industry has matured and people have become accustomed, even expect to be able to work on the hoof, the lines between work and leisure have blurred," says Rob Chapman from Unisys.

However, as the number of employees that use their work smartphones udring personal time increases, so does the implications of losing these devices.

According to the Metropolitan Police, as many as 10,000 mobile phones are stolen every month, while claims that up to one in ten laptops will be stolen during their lifetime.

 "We urge people to consider how they’re using their devices and that its safe and secured," added Chapman.

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