More than three quarters (77 percent) of Brits prefer to buy CDs, DVDs and games online, says KPMG.

Research by the audit and taxation firm of 9,600 consumers in 31 countries revealed the UK has been quicker to adopt online shopping than other countries as the global figure for those that prefer to purchase these goods online is 65 percent.

However, when it comes to mobile banking, the UK is lagging behind with just 27 percent of Brits admitting to using their mobile phone to check their back accounts compared to 52 percent globally. This has surged dramatically since 2008 when the global figure was just under 20 percent.

Nearly three quarters (74 percent) said they were more likely to purchase flights and holidays online, while 60 percent also prefer to buy their groceries online, compared to just 21 percent in the US.

Nearly nine in ten (88 percent) Brits have downloaded an app for their mobile phone, while just over half (53 percent) of UK web users say they store their data online, which is less that the global average of 65 percent.

"From buying goods on their mobile phones to keeping up with friends on social networks, consumers are increasingly reliant on a range of technologies that perform important - yet often overlapping - tasks," Tudor Aw, KPMG's European head of technology, told the BBC.

"The report also shows that consumers' concerns over privacy and data security have increased over the last few years and companies across all sectors need to take this concern seriously."