Just six percent of web users choose a broadband package based on the speed it offers, says Sky Broadband.

Research by the ISP, which conducted by YouGov, revealed nearly two in five (39 percent) say value for money is the most important factor when it comes to choosing a web connection, while 31 percent want their broadband bundled with telephone and TV services.

More than two in five (44 percent) 'don't know' or 'don't care' how fast their broadband connection is, while nearly a third (30 percent) said the lack of consistent speeds was their biggest frustration over their broadband connection.

Meanwhile, 64 percent believe 'unlimited' should really mean unlimited with no caps or fair useage policies. Only 36 percent of web users understood that 'unlimited' packages come with a fair usage policy attached.

Once connected, 36 percent said they want reliability and a good quality connection to ensure they remained happy, while nine percent seek consistency in speed.

Nine in ten Brits use the web from home on a daily basis. On average, they spend two hours and 12 minutes online each day.

The web is most commonly used for email, with 97 percent admitting they use their net connection to send and receive messages, while 75 percent use the web to keep up-to-date on news and two thirds manage their bank accounts online.

Furthermore, 61 percent visit social networks including Facebook, 37 percent shop online and 29 percent watch catch-up TV, while a quarter say they download music and 21 percent play games online.

Nearly three quarters (70 percent) says broadband makes their life easier, 63 percent claim it adds more fun to their life and 78 percent say the web saves them time and money.

"Consumers are getting more from their broadband than ever. It's all too easy to forget about the way broadband has transformed our lives, and, as the research shows, it has made our lives easier, cheaper and more fulfilling. Broadband is no longer a 'nice to have' - it's a vital part of modern day life," said Delia Bushell, Sky's director of broadband and telephony.

"Consumers obviously want a connection that is fast enough to allow them to do what they want online. But our research shows that value for money, reliability and consistency of speed are the most important considerations when people are weighing up their options."

Bushell also said it was clear consumers want broadband providers to be more up-front about issues such as traffic management and usage caps, both of which are clearly affecting the online experience of many.

"In short, people want broadband that works, transparency over what they are getting, and a price that suits their pocket," she said.

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