More than half (54.1 percent) of the respondents to a PC Advisor poll suggested that media firms should beat filesharers by cutting the price of CDs and DVDs.

Answering the question 'How should music and film companies combat illegal filesharing?', a further 21.6 percent chose the option 'Focus on ad-supported streaming services, such as Spotify'.

The overall theme - that film and music companies should use the carrot rather than the stick to improve or maintain their revenues - was completed by 8.2 percent suggesting 'Offer advanced features, such as 3D'.

Just 16.2 percent proposed that media firms' best tactic is to get tough - or continue doing so. These were divided into 8.7 percent ticking 'Lobby for greater penalties for copyright violation' and 7.5 percent plumping for 'Anti-piracy advertising'.

Curiously, however, the related forum thread saw a surprisingly large number of angry commenters who did want to get tough on copyright cheats.

"Filesharing is theft," wrote forum member pjwheeldon. "I am baffled by the ridiculous argument that songs, movies, books etc should be free, simply because they are available online."

"Pity the legal owners cannot access these files and add a very nasty virus to them," added Kevscar.

donki, meanwhile, added: "Only thing that can be done is come down harder on the millions of people that share copyrighted material worldwide."

Based on 416 votes, as of 10.30 am, Monday 21st June 2010.

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