The web's a great source of breaking news. No matter the time of day, you can log on and find out what's going on in the local or national news. A number of sites, including PC Advisor, also let you comment on the stories of the day.


Most of us head to either dear old Auntie Beeb or to the online edition of the newspaper we usually buy, but even the best-established journals need their sources. Reuters is a news service that, refreshingly, is open to one and all and has a strong video story archive.

Google News

Google News acts as a search engine for news stories around the world. It provides users with international, national, sports, technology and entertainment stories and lists the headline, URL and first few lines of every story. You can personalise the home page and the way that stories appear.

Google News

Google News


Similar to Google News, NewsNow focuses mainly on UK-based publications. The website lists the top stories by category and then lists the most popular stories below, with a flag depicting the country of origin of the story. The site auto refreshes, so the most up-to-date stories are displayed.

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