Last week PC Advisor hosted a poll, to find out what device the majority of people used "the most 'to surf the web' ". After a massive 1,178 votes in just under a week, Desktop PCs still appear to be the device of choice when it comes to accessing the internet - gaining just under half of the poll's vote (47 percent).

Coming in second place to Desktop PCs were Laptops with a third of the vote (33 percent). This gave traditional methods of accessing the web a whopping four fifths of poll's votes (80%).

What's interesting is that Tablet PCs gained five percent more of the poll than smartphones (12 percent and 7 percent respectively). The Financial Times reports that 46% of the UK population now owns a smartphone, while TabletPCExpert claims that tablet ownership in the UK is as low as one in ten, this in turn suggests that those who do invest in a tablet PC tend to then use them as their primary source of internet access.

Amazingly only four respondents use their games console as their main point of access to the internet. Smart TVs didn't do any better either, with just two voters using the device as their primary internet source. The remaining nine voters said they used another device to surf the web.

As ever, poll respondents were encouraged to let us know more about their web surfing preferences on our forum. Most comments were simply stating their second and third preferences for surfing the web. However rawprawn made the telling point that he surfs the web with an "iMac, iPad, and Windows Laptop in that order" but that "6 months ago it was simply my Laptop." Highlighting, not only a move away from Windows, but also the sudden impact Tablet PCs have had on his internet habits.

Forum user Fruit Bat /\0/\ also left an insightful comment stating: "I suspect this will be an age thing; with us oldies using the desktop or laptop, and the youngsters using the latest smartphones. I use [a] Desktop but my youngest daughter is always on [her] smartphone. Smartphones appear to be great for "spur of the moment" browsing, whereas [a] desktop or laptop is better for more serious browsing".