Nearly half (46 percent) of Brits admit they'll check their emails over the Christmas break, according to SecurEnvoy.

Research of 1,000 employees conducted on behalf of the tokenless authentication firm by One Poll revealed 15 percent of these say they'll check their email frequently, while nearly a third will catch-up on communications 'intermittently'. However, 34 percent claim they will not look at any work-related emails over the festive period.

Despite 21 percent claiming it isn't necessary or expected to check emails Christmas, one in five people feel they'll be competitively disadvantaged if they didn't keep in touch with their firm this festive period.

However, 28 percent said they'd be very angry if work called them on their personal phone over the Christmas break while 18 percent said a boss or work colleague ringing them during the would make them 'really annoyed'.

More than two in five (46 percent) admitted they don't use any form of security on their smartphone, not even a four digit PIN, despite the fact it may potentially contain sensitive company information. SecurEnvoy says this is even more worrying since homes are more likely to be targeted by burglars in the winter months, with domestic break-ins rising by 63 percent during this time of year.

"If you're accessing the corporate network to retrieve emails, using a password or hardware token that's left next to your PC just isn't adequate, should Santa, his elves or someone a little more sinister drop by and liberate you of your token or copy your password, they could be stealing vast amounts of critical company data," warned Andy Kemshall, SecurEnvoy CTO and co-founder.

"Far better to use your mobile phone as your authentication token as this is more lightly to be kept with you and still needs a separate pin or password entering. Have a very merry, relaxed but secure, Christmas."