If you're looking for love, don't head to your local pub, instead turn to Facebook or other social networking sites.

According to online research company OnePoll, a quarter of Brits are dating or have dated someone they met online.

The research also revealed that 44 percent of us believe its deemed 'cooler' to meet a partner online, while one third of surfers admitted to using social networking sites to get back in-touch with a former love in a bid to re-ignite the flames of passion.

A spokesman for OnePoll told The Telegraph: "Traditionally the pub used to be a central meeting place where many couples met across the bar and got to know each other. Now social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace have taken over as the dating hot spot with many singletons finding love online" .

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Sadly, its seems social networking maybe affecting our real-life people skills as 46 percent of those surveyed said they thought it was easier to meet someone online than in real-life and 39 percent admitted they where more confident communicating with a potential lover online than in the flesh.

Three quarters of those surveyed also claimed it was more acceptable to meet a potential partner on sites such as Facebook and MySpace than using online dating sites.

"You can see why the appeal for finding love through social networking sites is so strong. You can see someone's profile online, trawl through their personal pictures and see messages from their friends - creating a far greater impression of what that person is like than a traditional internet dating site," the spokesman added.

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