Four out of five web users admitted they would book a holiday online, in a bid to save money, said

According to research by the website that aims to unite people with spare rooms and holidaymakers that need a bed for the night, the ability to compare different packages was also a driving factor when it came to booking holidays on the internet.

"Believe it or not the recession has been great for our business" says Daniel Hill, partner at

"The simple fact is that people have less money than they did a year or two ago, but are unwilling to sacrifice the luxuries like holidays. The beauty of the internet is that it empowers people to find great the best deals available so that they don't have to."

However, the research also revealed that 81 percent of web users admitted they hade experienced problems when booking online.

More than two in five said they had encountered an error message, while 34 percent said they found navigation of a holiday website confusing.

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