More than a third (34 percent) of Brits that swapped internet provider last year experienced a delay in receiving their MAC (Migration Authorisation Code), says

A MAC Code is issued by your ISP and allows you to swap providers without having to wait for them to cancel your line and re-register with another ISP, a process that can take weeks.

The comparison website said it was surprised at the number of web users that experience a delay, especially since in 2007 Ofcom introduced legislation that requires all broadband providers to issue a MAC code within five working days. said that four percent admitted the delay in receiving their MAC code caused them to abandon plans for moving to another ISP, while 40 percent said they didn't know what a MAC code was.

The comparison website also revealed web users that didn't swap ISPs have missed out on saving as much as £143 a year.

Mike Wilson, broadband manager at, said: "Ofcom rules on MAC codes have been in place for some time but delays and complications clearly remain a huge issue for those who want to change provider. I can't see why delays occur; the providers should have a simple process in place. The fact that customers give up on swapping to a better deal solely because of MAC problems is not acceptable, people are loosing out on big savings."

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