Nearly a third (32 percent) of UK adult web users check their personal emails over six times a day outside of working hours, says Sky Broadband.

Research by the UK ISP revealed one in 20 claim they check their emails over 20 times, which is the equivalent of every 45 minutes. Furthermore, 14 percent access their social media accounts more than six times a day.

Over half (51 percent) of those surveyed said they suffer from 'e-anxiety' where they feel uncomfortable if they're unable to check their emails or Facebook page. Sky Broadband said more women (52 percent) than men (46 percent) suffer from this condition.

Nearly six in ten Brits claim they know more than the average person about the internet, and 87 percent believe they're confident when it comes to online activities. Almost three quarters (74 percent) of Brits says they feel more knowledgeable thanks to the web, while 72 percent say it makes them feel up-to-date on what's happening in the world. Men tend to spend bigger chunks of time online in one go than women, with 26 percent of men spending six hours or more on the web compared to 21 percent of women.

However, 23 percent of Brits said they've never used a social network while 22 percent claim never to have watched a video clip online. Furthermore, it appears many Brits are "digitally ignorant" with 47 percent believing the internet was invented by IBM and 25 percent said Apple was behind the web.

"Our results reveal that this demand for unlimited broadband has turned much of the nation into Gigabyte Britain – addicted to their emails and social media accounts without worrying about knowing how stuff works or who built it in the first place. They just want good value and reliable internet access whether they are at home, in the office, or on the move," said Jon Blumberg from Sky Broadband.

The research formed part of Sky's Digital Intelligence Quotient, or DQ test, which was designed to measure understanding and usage of the internet. According to the test, the nation's average DQ is 110.4, compared to 104 for its IQ. To test your own digital IQ, visit Sky's dedicated web page.