Almost one third (30 percent) of everything Brits do in life is completed online says TalkTalk.

Research by the ISP of 20,000 Brits regarding their online habits revealed that communication, entertainment and shopping are among some of the tasks conducted on the web.

Furthermore, the ISP said 86 percent of web users use online banking at least once a year while 96 percent make at least one purchase on the web each year.

Nearly four in ten (38 percent) said they've downloaded at least one movie from the web in the past 12 months, while 54 percent have listened to music online.

"We are turning to the internet to meet more and more of our life needs, from paying a bill to finding a life mate," said Tristia Clarke, Commercial Director of TalkTalk.

"That's why it is so important that we move at full speed to get the 8.7 million people in this country who are not currently online into the digital era. The gap between online and offline Britain may already be more socially and economically significant than the north/south divide."

The ISP revealed its staff were taking part in the Give an Hour campaign, which is the latest move in the Race Online 2012 initiative that was launched last year by UK Digital Champion and founder of Martha Lane Fox, in a bid to get all working Brits online before the end of the current parliament.

The campaign wants each of the 30 million people who use the internet everyday to use the hour they gain when the clocks go back on October 30 to help someone they know get online.