More than one in five (22 percent) Brits would rather use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family over mobile phones or landlines, says TalkTalk.

Research by the UK ISP revealed 40 percent of Brits aged 25 to 34 say their preferred method of communication is a mobile phone, while 35 percent head to a landline first.

On average, Facebook was used to contact friends and family an average of 3.2 times a week, while a landline was used just 1.6 times. Furthermore, those that use Facebook are better communicators overall, speaking to their Mothers 4.1 times a week and their best friend four times a week.

More than 10 million Brits admit to 'phoning home' every week. Over half of parents admit to talking to children that have left home via their landline, while a third use mobile. However, 47 percent of children call their parents from a mobile compared to 39 percent that opt for a landline.

Women are twice as likely to talk to their mothers than their fathers every day, and also twice as likely to text their sisters rather than their brothers.

TalkTalk's research also revealed smartphones are used 2.7 times a week to communicate with colleagues and 2.6 times per week to talk with friends.

“In an age where the rise of social media as a way for people to contact each other is frequently discussed, it’s good to see that verbal communication is still important. In fact, as our research shows, calling from a mobile remains the main way for them to stay in touch with loved ones,” said Mark Schmid, spokesperson for TalkTalk.