One in five Brits spend around 32 working days a year just managing their email, says Star.

According to the business IT and communication provider's 2010 Star Email Survey, 19 of employees claiming they spend an hour each day managing emails, while 20 percent say they dedicate more than an hour each day to the task.

On average, Brits receive 110 email messages per day, with 42 percent of employees admitting to keeping all their emails in their main inbox without using rules or folders. Just over one in ten (11 percent) have created dedicated folders but do not use them often. Just six percent claim they use automated rules to organise where their emails are stored.

Furthermore, more than half (57 percent) of workers regularly experience issues or are unable to retrieve an email that is three months old.

Nearly two in ten (17 percent) of employees says their working days revolves around reacting to emails and 14 percent claim they are 'drowning' in emails and find themselves unable to deal with them effectively.

"Although email has been the mainstay of corporate communications for more than a decade, it's clear that workers are increasingly overwhelmed with the volumes and want support with how to stay in control of their inboxes," said Martino Corbelli, marketing director of Star.

"The issue of email management, and particularly email retrieval, is about more than just efficiency and productivity, or even managing stress levels. There are legal requirements stipulating not only the retention and protection of email but also requirements which oblige businesses to make email records available within a given timescale."

Martino said it is vital that companies do more to help employees manage this unstructured data to help them feel less swamped and to ensure they comply with legal obligations to produce email correspondence.

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