Do you get frustrated and angry when a poorly designed website doesn’t load quick enough or is only partially visible? Well Greasemonkey, a free Firefox add-on, offers hundreds of free script to improve the functionality of websites and the net, whether its adding must-have features to Gmail, streamlining your social life in Facebook or speeding up your blog posts.

Even though Greasemonkey scripts are written primarily for use in Firefox with the Greasemonkey extension, many of them also work with Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera, which includes built-in support for the scripts. After installing the appropriate add-on for your browser, you're ready to improve your web experience.

Multimedia tools

Pump up your favorite online music, video and photo sites with these smart scripts.

Inline Google MP3 Player

When you stumble upon a link to a music file on a web page, the process is generally the same: you download the file and listen to it with your desktop music player, or you click on the link and listen to it in your browser with its default player plug-in. Either way, it disrupts the flow of your browsing experience.

But the Inline Google MP3 Player script gets you back in the flow, automatically detecting linked MP3s and embedding Google's Flash player on the page so you can play the file inline and hassle-free.


Since video sites such as Google's YouTube don't offer much useful content beyond the actual video (that's right, I'm disparaging YouTube comments en masse), there's no point in going to YouTube to watch a video when you could embed it directly in the page you're looking at.

That's the idea behind Videoembed, a script that automatically embeds videos from sites like YouTube, Google Video and Metacafe, whenever a site links to a video without embedding it. Now instead of clicking through to YouTube, you can watch the video directly on the site that linked to it.

Greased Lightbox

You know the drill: you're doing a Google image search, but rather than give you direct access to the pictures you want to see, Google makes you click through a couple of links to get to the full-size image.

The Greased Lightbox script turns your Google Image search results , along with gallery pages on sites like Flickr, Facebook, and MySpace into inline, AJAX-driven galleries that you can navigate from your keyboard. Not only is it faster, but it has a more attractive interface than do most other photo galleries on the web.

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