Users of the micro-blogging service Twitter are most likely to be 'tweeting' from the car, the cinema and even while on the toilet, says Crowd Science.

Research by the online measurement service revealed that more than one in 10 Twitterers admitted posting to the social network while driving at least once during the last 30 days. Crowd Science said the Twitter result compared to about 5 percent of users  of social networks, such as Facebook, who fessed up to posting while driving.

Meanwhile, 17 percent of Twitter users confessed to accessing the microblogging site from the bathroom, while 12 percent of non-Twitter social media users had done the same.

According to Crowd Science, if you're on a date with a Twitter user, don't expect their full attention. Thirty-one percent of Twitterers say they tweet from restaurants, and twice as many Twitterers as non-Twitterers, access the site from a theater during a movie or live performance.

"Twitter is more of a mobile media phenomenon than other social networks, so these results, while a little disturbing, are perhaps not so surprising," said John Martin, CEO of Crowd Science.

The study showed that 17 percent of Twitterers say they are reluctant users, but fear that stopping would hurt their social status.

Crowd Science also noted that 32 percent of Twitter users say they spend too much time using social media while 22 percent say they've written things on social media that they've later regretted.

A further 16 percent also admitted that they often neglect important activities to spend time on social networks.

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