Amazon sells just about everything, from books and DVDs to clothing and beauty products. There are some items, however, that you probably didn't expect to find on Amazon, or anywhere else on the internet, for that matter. See also: 36 best websites of 2014

Here are 12 of the strangest things for sale on Amazon, including unicorn meat, a yodelling pickle and a bacon soap, along with some quotes from the most hilarious reviews that accompany them.

1. Canned Unicorn Meat

Yep, you read that correctly. Amazon seller Thinkgeek sells Unicorn Meat for just £17.95 per tin.

But be warned, says one reviewer, who notes: "Recent DNA tests carried out by the Institute For Studies found that a high percentage of Canned Unicorn Meat tins are contaminated by up to 23% beef."

"Of course, this isn't as good as fresh, but who has time to hunt unicorns these days?" says another.

(There are hundreds of hilarious reviews for this one. You'll find them here.)

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2. Bacon Soap

Carrying on the meat theme, you can also buy Bacon Soap on Amazon for just £10.95. "Looks and smells like bacon – but it's not," says the seller.

If you would like to "lather yourself in the stuff and make yourself irresistible to the local strays," you'll find the Bacon Soap on Amazon here.

3. One Million Pound Note


Ever wanted to know what it's like to be a millionaire? For £3.99 you can, with the One Million Pound Note, available here.

4. A $1,439.65 Lobster Mascot Costume

We think this Lobster Mascot Costume looks pretty awesome, but for $1,439.65!? Plus $35 shipping, too. Perhaps not.

"I feel as if this costume has helped me become closer with nature," says one reviewer. "I no longer have to worry about things like driving, working, or hanging out with humans – my lobster home has everything I need, and at $2,800 [It's clearly gone down in price!] I only have three words: WHAT A STEAL."

If you've got $1,439.65 to spend on a Lobster Mascot Costume, you can do so here.

5. Pigeon Mask

Continuing the fancy dress theme, here's a selection of creepy masks, including a pigeon, squirrel, pig, pug and unicorn.

The pigeon is our particular favourite, but the reviews from all of them are brilliant. "It is day 15 and the mother pigeon has finally accepted me as one of her own. They do not suspect a thing," says one happy reviewer.

Another says, "I have fooled SO MANY suckers into throwing tiny pieces of bread at me while wearing this mask! Order yours today."

Convinced? Buy yours here.

6. Handerpants

Like underpants, but for your hands…

Available here.

7. Turkey Hat

If you're not satisfied with the Lobster Mascot Costume or the Pigeon mask, there's always this glorious Turkey Hat.

One reviewer is particularly pleased that this hat prevents the frustration he has felt every year at Thanksgiving when is organic Turkey Hat goes rancid after a few hours of wear. "The fit becomes too loose and the turkey tends to slide down over my face frequently. Not to mention the unpleasant smell as the meat decays… at long last someone has produced a synthetic turkey headwear product that should alleviates some of the problems."

8. A dog costume with huge breasts

If you've ever wondered what your dog would look like as Marilyn Monroe, Amazon's got just the costume for you. It's a Silver Screen Starlet costume complete with boobs and a wig.

It's cruelty to animals if you ask me…

9. Black toilet paper

Just in case white toilet paper isn't good enough for you (perhaps it doesn't match your bathroom décor?) Amazon sells black toilet paper (or blue, pink, green, orange or red, if that suits you better).

As can be expected, the reviews are priceless. "How do you tell when you're done?" asks one reviewer.

Get your black toilet paper here.

10. UFO detector

You could help answer the questions about whether we're alone in the universe with this UFO detector, which apparently senses electromagnetic disturbances (quite possibly a UFO) and alerts you to their presence by flashing and beeping.

The reviews of this one are hilarious, recounting tales of alien abductions and some even from the point of view of the aliens themselves. You can find the reviews on Amazon here.

11. Yodelling Pickle

"Are you sick and tired of trying to teach your pickles to yodel?" asks the seller of this item. "At last, the yodelling pickle you've been waiting for."

But one reviewer, who purchased the item as a replacement for a broken iPod, found that there's one major problem: "There isn't a headphone jack," he writes. "Which is only a problem if the folks around me don't appreciate yodelling (which almost never happens)."

Of course, many of the reviews then take a much filthier turn, so you'll have to head over to Amazon to see what they say.

12. Nothing


Yes, you read that right, you can actually buy Nothing on Amazon. It'll set you back almost £10, too. This silly gift consists of a plastic ball that is essentially just packaging containing air. Not Britney Spears fart air or anything special like that. It's designed for "the person who has everything," and comes with some pretty funny wording on the packaging but it seems like a crazy thing to spend £10 on to me.

13. Wolf Urine Lure-32 oz

Deerbusters sells Wolf Urine on Amazon for just $30, which it says is ideal for photographers, gardeners, hunters and wildlife enthusiasts.

"I still believe this has the composition and acidity to age well in the cellar of any self-respecting urine connoisseur," writes one reviewer, while another adds: "This is so much easier than trying to get the Wolf Urine directly from a wolf."

You can find Wolf Urine Lure-32 oz on Amazon here.

14. Inflatable Bonking Sheep

This inflatable sheep is designed for stag nights. Alternatively, "surprise your guest with this wonderful and colourful inflatable," seller Partyrama suggests.

"What me and Dolly get up to is nobody's business. I live in an isolated village, so I couldn't wait for the delivery of this," says a reviewer.

See the Inflatable Bonking Sheep on Amazon here.

15. Inflatable toast

Last but not least (and continuing with the subject of inflatable goods) is the inflatable toast, because who doesn't need a slice of that?

"Toast is great, but it's hard to keep in your pocket," says the seller of this item. "So what do you do when you crave the warm comfort of toast but don't want to deal with the crumbs? You pull out your Inflatable Toast, blow it up and admire its realistic toasty goodness!"

But a tech-lover says: "I suggest you wait for next year's model before buying one yourself," while another reviewer expresses his concern that "there is no clear warning that the toast should not be used in a toaster."

You can read the rest of the Inflatable Toast reviews on Amazon here.

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